Friday, August 18, 2006
Office Confessions
I've been sitting at this desk in my serene sage green office for the past two hours, looking quite official and busy, but accomplishing absolutely nothing relating to my job.

As we're still living in the land of internet-limbo, these eight hours are my only connection to the cyberworld and so rather than actually working to earn the paychecks that I've stuffed into my purse, I'm sprinting through the online-universe, soaking up as much fodder as I can squish into my skull.

Oh, the things that happen in a week, throughout the blogosphere and here in my own corner of reality.

My son is still dirty knee'd and scraped and bruised from our extended trip down to visit his five cousins at my in-laws house. There are three older boys, ranging in age from 6 to nearly 3, and The Boss plays among them as though they're interested in his ranting and babbling. He chases after them with all of the vim and vigor his doughy little body can muster - mouth open, cheeks squeezed, eyes wide, he dashes towards them, smiling. Laughing. Throwing his arms in the air with an exasperated "OH!" when they come to a stop to ponder a rock or plant or insect.

My heart hurts from swelling while watching him run after happiness with such determination, such joy - recklessly, fearlessly. In watching him, I found myself torn, repeatedly. Proud. Happy. Exhilarated. Excited. But also, worried, sad and nostalgic. He's truly a boy now, no longer my baby.

So, that's one corner of things.

Maybe, I'll spend the next few hours writing and posting as I'm able to. Not that I've been living an exciting life, full of revelations and whatnot - just the usual
beads along the way.

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Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Last week my mom and I were watching my niece and nephew play and contemplating the same things you were with your son...just the enshakable joy and zest children have for life and all the little things that fill them with wonder...oh to never out grow that enthusiasm!! Well, I'm sorry your having internet issues etc. That must be so frustrating but thanks for coming to my blog today anyways! I will definitely be posting TONS of pictures when our little son is born any day now! Man, I can't wait!:)

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