Tuesday, July 18, 2006
And the rollercoaster swoops around a corner before it slows to a chug, clicking-clicking-clicking up the track...

Things are in an upswing. Again. And oddly enough, I'm thankful for the hullaballo of the past week. Because of the technicalities and problems that we went through, the shape of the mortgage we'll be closing on is dramatically different. It has a lower interest, lower payments, and is a shorter term mortgage (15 year fixed rate) - and my husbands miscellaneous debt has been removed, paid off by the mortgage itself, giving us less outgoing payments each month.

Blessings I'm not sure that my pouty-complaining heart deserves. But I'm grateful.

And I'll be even moreso when I sleep for the first night in our new home.

Which should be soon.

Thanks to all of you for thoughts and prayers and candles lit.


Blogger david C said...

glad to hear things are sorting out. Best wishes from our neck of the woods...

Blogger szerin said...

=) .. Glad things turn out fine for you eventually..!

Blogger Darkmind said...

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Blogger JunieRose said...


Sounds good! I'm happy for you.


Blogger Katie said...

Mella, congrats and best wishes on the new house! I am sure that it will be a wonderful place for you and your growing family.

Be well, Jamie

That is fantastic news! Yahooo!

I love the way things always turn out better than we could have imagined! And regardless of whether you think you deserve it or not - thank goodness, God is in the business of blessing! :)

Looks forward to hearing the stories to come from within your new home.

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