Thursday, July 20, 2006
Much Better Today
I managed to focus on one story today - only one.

Though, still have had my nose in two books throughout the day. Ethan Canin's Emperor of the Air is one that I'm reading for class. It's a collection of very sparce first person short stories. Reading such minimalist writing is interesting to me because I tend to write (and write and write) in quite a contrary manner - very eloquently, but perhaps without getting to a point.

At my workshops recently, most of the feedback I received was actually quite positive, perhaps too much so. And so it's good to be reading this book, as I'm challenged by it, not because it's a difficult read, but because for myself, it would be difficult to write - to pull in the reigns and use so little to say so much.

But I'm intrigued by it, and I'm experimenting with it. Can't hurt to have one more short story in progress...right?



Blogger zhoen said...

If you can get it in under 100 words... .

Blogger Bibi said...

Mella, I love the design mood of your blog. And I know all about those ADHD nights ;-)

Blogger LJ said...

I have a friend who recently took part of a short story and made it into a poem. I figure it would be a fabulous method for paring down to what matters if you want to go minimalist.
And by the aren't flowery, you know. You don't go on and on with your writing. I think your style is quite balanced between allowing the reader to see and moving the story along...

How could it possibly hurt? ;)

I love that your head is so full, and so capable of spilling what you have.

Hope school is going super well, and you are getting much out of it!


Blogger Mella said...

Zhoen Extreme flash fiction...that's actually not a bad idea for some of these characters I've got.

Bibi Thanks for the note! I like this template myself, but I can't take credit for it - it's from Templates by Caz, link on the left.

LJI'm becoming intrigued by the idea of starting with just a skeleton of a story - and finishing it, to the end, before going back through to add flesh and detail where needed. It's contrary to my normal writing process, but since I'm having trouble finishing what I start lately, it might be a good idea.

So good to hear from you again CJ! I'm certainly being challenged by classes this semester - and I'm enjoying the books that I've been assigned. Short stories are a blessing to read - there's a sense of accomplishment in finishing an entire story all in one sitting.

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