Friday, January 20, 2006
Since I Began Blogging...
The mundane and ordinary events of my life have been transformed into invaluable and shining moments. Like glass beads, clicking together on an invisible string, some catching sunlight, some clouded and curving back into shadow. I collect them now, watching as they slide over my palms and twist themselves up my arms, around my waist. Clinging to me throughout the day.

Each night, while listening to my husband breath his long sleepy breaths, I sink into myself and begin unraveling the chain of beaded moments from around my body. Counting. Remembering. Imagining each is a story unto itself. Each is a life lived and died in the breath of a moment.

The look of where-the-heck-have-you-been? on The Boss's face as I walk in to pluck him from his crib.

The view of the lake as I walk down the stairs. Its frozen body now pocked with imperfection. The clear gloss of ice has thawed to a chunky mess of rime and downed branches.

Smoothing my palm over the velvety skin of my child's back as he curls into my chest.

Pounding raw-chicken flesh flat with the butt of a jar - slimy juice seeping from the sides of the cutting board and wax paper.

The broom and I, barefoot and waltzing across the living room.

The sink full of soft bubbles that climb my arms and melt, leaving my skin damp and rigid with gooseflesh.

Vivid, but ultimately meaningless moments. Like beads of glass, catching light at just the right angle to capture my attention.

And so, I bring them here.

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Blogger John Paul said...

hi, good blog and great writing. You have a fantastic eye for detail even, even for painful events.

And the Boss is pretty cute.


Blogger TwistedNoggin said...

I'm still aching from the womb-cleaning line, so I'll comment on this post instead of that one.

Great blog, lovely prose, and nice glimpse into your changing perspective as your inner voice finds a global ear via blogger.

Blogger LJ said...

I said to Marko, of Yottabite, that blogging is "Writers without borders" (or possibly, joking here, "without standards)...
but don't you find it's a freeing atmosphere? I started for writing practice...squeezing out an entry once a week and now I can't stop blabbing. It's improved my courage levels and it loosens me up in my writing.
Yours is one of the best blogs around and I hope you never think of it as wasting time when you're supposed to do "real" writing.
Your blog is real writing.
And I love to visit.

Blogger ~Deb said...

Isn’t everything just utterly meaningless? Doesn’t matter if you’re cutting precious diamonds to pushing a broom and washing clothes---we all come back to status one late at night---to hear our partner’s long breaths of slumber. (Loved your descriptions)

I hope to God you disinfected that chicken juice from your counter! (hehe)

Beautifully written! As usual.

Blogger mreddie said...

So glad you did bring them for us to see and enjoy. Reminds us to look for and enjoy the tiny details that we so easily can miss - to our loss. ec

The mundane and ordinary events of living are the most sensuous events from living. Thank you for honing in on a few items that I would have ordinarily overlooked.

Blogger mrdes said...

Thanks...that is actually how i feel since i started blogging...mundane, ordinary events has erupted magically into wonderful moments in my life...

Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

I think it's the sharing with others - putting it all down in words- that is helping us all to realize just how wonderful this life is!

And it's helping us to see how we are all connected, by sharing in these everyday happenings and knowing we have similer feelings and reactions to little things in our lives-as well as other things that touch us more deeply!

...(Junie-rambling-as usual!)

Blogger Hazel said...

Your blog is not only a beautiful, descriptive slice of what's real, it is also poetry. I love watching you discover every day's small miracles. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Mella said...

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments.

It's a blessing to know that there are people out there who find the same sparkle and beauty in my palmful of shimmering beads as I do.

And, yes, ~deb the counter was disinfected, twice - ha!

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