Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Breathing Room...
Without going into a tirade about the local cable company who (still) has yet to connect our new home to the internet, I thought I'd take advantage of my inlaw's internet access to submit a long overdue post. (It's really quite eerie how dependant on computers and the internet I've become...these past two weeks have been filled with withdrawl. I've spent my naptimes either wandering around the house looking for things to clean, or actually napping, rather than sitting down to babble here.)

Here are some pictures of our new space. After months of living with my parents, somehow the hassle of packing and moving and living (temporarily)without an internet connection seems worth it.


The entrance to the master bedroom

Pretty windows

(Sliding doors in the bedroom? Really?)

A new home for The Boss



Blogger szerin said...

S-o-o neat!... Nice house!

Blogger Darkmind said...

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Blogger Teri said...

wow!!! big, beautiful, HOME!!

(I am a tad envious of your apparent organization and calm!)

So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

(forgive the excessive use of exclamation points, I just feel quite emphatic about this subject...)

Blogger david C said...

Beautiful! Looks like like an amazing house!

The Boss has a great spot, corner room no less...

Enjoy the new place and congrats to you all!!!

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

Wow! What a great looking home. Congratulations! My heart is full of happiness for you!


Blogger dillyweed said...

What a beautiful home. Congratulations to you! We have a few more years of renting to put up with before we settle into a place of our very own... I'm so excited for you. Enjoy!

Blogger LJ said...

It's lovely, Mella! The windows, those gorgeous red walls. Congratulations. And here's hoping your very own internet is soon installed and we'll be reading you regularly again.

Blogger zhoen said...

So good to be home.

It took us a while to get internet here, stole a neighbor's wireless for a while.

Blogger JunieRose said...


Your new home looks very pretty!
Guess the little guy has been having fun exploring everything!

Hope you're back online soon!


Blogger Pat Pritchett said...

Glad you are back. Missed your posts!

Blogger Katie said...

Mella how beautiful! I am so happy and excited for you. Congrats!

Blog hug, Jamie

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

A little late I realize but what a BEAUTIFUL place and you've done a great job with decorating! I love the storage bins in your son's room...they look like they come in very handy but are also very cute...hmmmmm...I'll have to look for some!!

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