Friday, August 18, 2006
Ago (Meme)
Found this at One Word while wading through a weeksworth of online reading. And, since I love me a good Meme (especially while "on the clock") I thought I'd do it myself.

10 years ago
I was starting my senior year of high school. I fall into the category of people who do not consider high school to be the highlight of their life. Wouldn't go back if I could. The thought alone makes me shudder.

5 years ago
Graduated from college and began working in the school's Alumni/ae Department. My introduction to the 9 to 5 world of florescent lighting and office coffee (swill), chatter (gossip) and politics (turnover's galore) Again, wouldn't go back if I could.

1 year ago
We were given an offer on our condo and began the process of packing up our first home to move in with my parents "only for a few months..." Famous last words.

5 songs I know all the words to
(I've changed this to be five albums that I know all of the words to. Back when I listened to music more often - re: college - I listened to entire albums repeatedly, memorizing them in the process.)
Fashion Nugget - Cake
Galore - The Cure
Surfacing - Sarah McLachlan
No Angel - Dido
Everyone Else is Doing it, So Why Can't We - The Cranberries

Also, my brain is a vault of various hymns, oldies, showtunes and (more recently collected,) songs from children's television shows.

5 snacks
Apple butter-chocolate chip cookies
Lowfat ice cream/yogurt
Berries (blueberries and strawberries especially)

5 things I'd do with $100 million dollars
Buy a big old farmhouse
Pay off Sallie Mae
Help people
Sip coffee and write all day long (inspired, of course, by the landscape surrounding my beautiful farmhouse.)

5 places I'd run away to
Squam Lake
Coffee Break Cafe

The English countryside
A secluded beach town...

5 things I'd never wear
A parachute (My fear of heights and I have no intention of ever needing one.)

Shoes that cost more than $100/pair (I almost said $50)
A thong peeking out from the top of my jeans. (So glad this trend is fading)
A string bikini (far too modest for that)
Gaucho Pants (While very comfortable, they make me look like a load. Can't do it.)

5 favorite TV shows
Arrested Development (RIP)

The Office (British and American)
Barefoot Contessa
Paula's Home Cooking
(and most other Food Network shows...with the exception of Emeril)

5 greatest joys
My Faith

My Husband
My Son
Feeling my daughter move within me

5 favorite toys
Computer (When not in internet-limbo land)
Husband (Not a toy, but lots of fun)
Blocks (Hours of toddler entertainment)
Kitchen Aid Mixer (I bake when I'm bored)
Digital Camera



Blogger Susanna Rose said...


Interesting answers...I love your lack of superficiality...very refreshing! Also, I guess I missed that you are having a girl...I'm so excited for you! Any name picks yet?!

Blogger zhoen said...

A meme is a perfectly good waste of an hour.

No one but Audry Hepburn will ever look good in Gaucho pants (thanks, I couldn't remember what those things were called.)

Blogger Mella said...

Susanna Yup! We've settled on Lila Miette (pronounced:Mee-Yet, it means small and sweet) I've got to hop over to your neck of the woods now that I finally have internet access to see if you've met your son or not yet!

Zhoen Leave it to really. Leave them to her...

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