Tuesday, July 17, 2007
I'm Procrastinating...Again
I sit like a reader before a blank page and wonder what will appear. Keys strike and I wonder what words they'll spell - what story is coming to life.

This is my process.

There is no preconceived outline of plot or characters or dialogue. There is no end in mind, no beginning either, really. The story is already there, and I'm simply typing it as fast as I can to capture it.

This brings me to wonder if perhaps this is why I'm struggling so much with sitting down and finishing Grace. It's a piece I've lived with long enough that I know the character, the settings, the supporting cast, the tensions, the peaks, the lulls and even the finale. I know where it's going, where she's going - I can see the end.

And I'm either scared by knowing this - afraid to misrepresent what I've known for years now. Or I'm bored. I'm worried it may be the latter. That I'm having trouble sitting down and just finishing the darn thing, because I already know the outcome. There is no excitement, no curiosity to keep my fingers moving.

Or is there?

With a few minor changes, the course could shift and I'd be on a new set of tracks...




Blogger Novice said...

Man, do I know that feeling. Ending something is always the hardest, for all the reasons you mentioned and probably more.

Hey, thanks for the plug earlier, by the way! :)

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Hope you've discovered some new things about the story as you continue to write! Grace is a lovely title and beautiful name in every way with an even more incredible meaning attached to it!

Anyways, I feel your pain, except in an even greater way probably as I never write stories anymore but have forced myself to try again. Therefore, I'm completely out of shape when it comes to writing!;0 You see, you've inspired me and so I'm even hoping to enter some small writing contests too at some point in the future! Competition is what usually keeps me doing things, which is actually quite funny cause I'm really not at all a competitive person.

Well, enough about that...may the power of the pen be with you!:)

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