Sunday, June 24, 2007
Long weekend. A good weekend. He brought me flowers, took me to a romantic dinner at a restaurant we haven't been to since the night he proposed. We visited with family, friends, each other.

And tonight I'm tired and unwinding. Cried warm tears over a ball bounced too far to the corner of the room. Possibly just overtired, emotional. Soaked in irrational fears and worries stemming from recent events in other people's lives - while I sit and simmer and wait for a shoe to fall here. But there have been no shoes. Only a ball, bounced beyond my reach and so I sat back in my chair, looked at my husband, and knew it was ok to cry.


Blogger dillyweed said...

Oh Mella honey. I'm glad you had a nice weekend. And I bet with all that is going on, you deserve a good cry in the arms of someone who loves you so much! Big hugs.

Blogger zhoen said...

That emotional reset button.

Blogger LJ said...

Blues, baby. Just blues. Passing weather. The rain is always good for the grass you know.

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