Wednesday, June 27, 2007
How to be The Boss
Learn how to remove the child safety knob from the inside of your bedroom door. - Check

Wake your parents and younger sibling at 6 AM with the proclamation: I wake up! - Check

Demand crackers and juice by repeating the words over and over and over and over and over until you are finally seated and served. - Check

Wet your new pull-up diaper within five minutes of, well, pulling it up. - Check

Pee on the floor. - Check

Demand to be let into the bathroom where your mother is getting ready to take a shower. - Check

Squat on toddler-toilet and do nothing. Yet, refuse to get up. - Check

(Meanwhile, your sister will be crawling her way across the kitchen floor and - whoops -slide down in the mess you made, thus dampening the sundress your mother just put on her.)

Throw a tantrum when your father removes you from the potty so that your mother can take a shower. - Check

Refuse to put on a new pull-up. - Check

When all else fails, scream and bang your head on whatever surface is nearest. - Check

In the car on the way to your memere's house, ask "Momma? Boo boo?" and then point to the bug bite on the back of your mother's arm. - Check

Ask, "I kiss?" (and proceed to blow kisses) - Check

Sit back and watch as your mother's heart melts. - Check, check, check.

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Anonymous phx said...

Wow, Mella. I don't know how you do it. But he does sound like a complete sweetheart at heart. :) Lila is crawling already? Why is it that they are only babies for moments?

Blogger Mella said...

Oh, I know. She's not only crawling, but attempting to walk already - anything to keep up with her brother. She climbs and stands on the toy piano bench, her brother's toddler seat, anything she can.

Basically, I spend my days either catching her pre-fall, or soothing her post-fall. She's always on the move.

Makes me long for the days of cuddling and immobility.

And, yeah, The Boss is a complete sweetheart. Just high energy much of the time. He almost always has good intentions (or at the very least, entertaining ones...)

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

I am consistently moved by the simplicity of your blogs. I always know they will leave me feeling better.... It's nice to see someone who appreciates all the blessings life has given her.

Book signing soon?

Blogger Owlhaven said...

Great post!

THanks for sharing


Anonymous phx said...

Attempting to walk, already! I guess it makes sense, playing catch up. She sounds like Lily--one determined little girl!

And thank you so much for your comments. It's such a breath of fresh air to have any kind of correspondence with/from someone who completely understands where I'm coming from. And I feel that you do. And I'm learning so much from your posts about The Boss.

Blogger zhoen said...
Blogger LJ said...

Well, there's my grin of the day!

Blogger Owlhaven said...

I'm giving you an award in the AM!


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