Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Muse Wanted
I realize I've been sporadic here as of late.

It's a combination of things - both an abundance and a lack.

I have much, perhaps too much, controlled chaos (ok, so it's only as "controlled" as a two and a half year old can be.) I have to plan my phone calls around times when Lila is manageable and willing to be held (rather than wanting to be down and wandering the living room - a moving target to be trounced upon by The Boss), I have to plan showers around nap times. I have to maneuver my entire day through air dive proclamations of "Look, I big jump, Momma!" and the diva-like cries of my daughter who is, honestly, good enough for an academy award in the category of get-my-brother-in-trouble tears.

And then my husband comes home and I have a short amount of time to get dinner made, fed and cleaned up before I can snag a small slice of coveted me-time (to jog, of course) and then it's time to give the kids hugs and send them to bed. This is, of course, only if I'm able to get the treadmill done - and am not interrupted by either a bawling babe or a preschooler who wants to hop on and walk with Mommy.

And during this dose of me-time - I watch mindless rerun sitcoms or clips of Food Network shows. Hardly the sort of fodder that's going to increase creativity.

What does? Reading short stories from the small stack of lit mags that I've begun accumulating. Unfortunately, this only happens if I'm able to lock myself in the bathroom for a short while during the day.

The lack, I referred to above, is that I lack a life outside of this chaos. Which isn't to say that I feel as though I'm wanting anything more - but as a writer, it's difficult to dredge up the muse in this sort of endlessly busy environment.

My muse likes quiet.

She also likes coffee. And soft music. Perhaps a walk, (sans stroller)

Hmmm...looking at that, I think maybe it's time to recruit a new muse.

Here's my Ad:

Seeking Creativity-inspiring entity to spark new and imaginative stories (or at the very least, come bearing super-glue to stick my bottom to my desk chair)

Must be good with children.

Must be able to inspire without the aid of music or any other noise that might wake a sleeping child.

Should be comfortable in sweats and be able to conjure vivid story lines while I am busy wielding a bottle of 409 or wiping a baby's bottom with a wetnap.

Preference will be given to any Muse who arrives with either take-out or prepared meals for my family. (A list of our favorite restaurants will be given to qualified candidates.)

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Blogger zhoen said...


Lyn Johnston, the cartoonist behind For Better or For Worse has found such a muse, I believe.

Blogger Skye said...

Hmm... so THAT'S why I haven't written anything in the past 12 years!

Blogger LJ said...

Muses are arbitrary S.O.B.s, all in all. Do not hold your breath waiting for applicants.
The one who shows up when the baby has a cold, the boss is having a crabby day, the house is a disaster and you have had three hours of sleep is the one you should probably trust.
I'm laughing.

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Mella, you're cute! I once heard that Joni Mitchel had an imaginary muse named "Art" who she would see/talk to and they would have conversations together or something weird like that. Now knowing her and the whole big musician life style, she was totally gone on anything and everything most of the time...therefore, perhaps a few illegal substances would do the trick in helping you find a more convenient kind of creativity!!

Just a thought!!!!;)

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