Thursday, June 07, 2007
More Good Things
Blessings, not entirely deserved, but humbly appreciated.

Some extra money, an unforeseen bonus in my husband's check.

An acceptance from a literary market I submitted to nearly three months ago.

An extra-long grace period before my student loans kick into repayment mode.

Now if I could only make my attitude. This knot in my stomach. This slothful way that I approach the day, indoors, at the computer or cleaning something sticky left behind in trails by my kids. This sort of non-existence, existence. Change.


We shower.

(Oh yes. I have big plans, ladies and gentlemen. Big plans.)



Blogger zhoen said...

If you can't change the feeling, just change the behaviour. The feeling may well skitter after, crying "Me too! Me too!"

Blogger LJ said...

Good news, good news and good news. I echo Zhoen but also think we have these periods of seeming non-existence and that they serve a purpose - even if it is only to show us we don't "want to be a passenger" in our own lives, (as in Teri's recent quote).

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