Wednesday, June 06, 2007
New Stuff
Several new bits and pieces up on The Stealing Season. I've been in a zone lately, not much for eating or sleeping, and when I am doing anything else, my brain is pretty much awash in characters and plotlines.

Could all be a mess, but that's what that site is for anyway. A workshop. Speaking of which, if anyone can think of a title for the latest story (the one so cleverly dubbed "Title?") - you'll win a prize. Yeah. That's not a bad idea. If someone suggests a title that I wind up using, I'll send a prize. (Most likely a book...seeing as I have so many.)

If you don't already have access to The Stealing Season and would like it, just send me an email (link's at the top.)

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Blogger zhoen said...

Your link to Stealing Season is broken.

I like to name things "Bob."

Blogger Mella said...

It's interesting that I left a broken link without realizing it. I get anxiety attacks whenever my writing is visible to the world - odd, I know, considering my desired career path=publication. And so as I tried to sleep last night, I couldn't help thinking that I shouldn't have even directed people to read my 1st drafts...

Putting work up there is really a personal challenge - to prove that the my world does not end if someone reads my drafts.

All this to say - it's fixed now.

And also, Bob is a great name for anything. My father, for example.

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