Monday, June 18, 2007
Very late last night, actually, early this morning, the most phenomenal thing happened.

My husband and I laid in bed - talking.

Not the routine conversations. Not about The Boss's verbal development, or the latest story of his time spent in time out, or of Lila's latest feat (clapping her hands, by the way) - but real, this-is-why-we're-together conversations. About us, about life in general, from the grand-scheme of things, to the minutia of worries that run in laps around my brain. I don't think we actually stopped talking, both just drifted off to sleep - wrapped in the comfort of connectedness that can't be found simply by cuddling beside one another on a couch.

It was his day, Father's Day - but it felt like I was the one with the sweetest gift of all. Him.

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Blogger Rashi said...

Hey I liked that..nice expression !

Blogger zhoen said...

Indeed. Rarer than when beginning, but still precious.

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