Thursday, May 31, 2007
My so-easy-a-monkey-can-do-it evening job has fallen victim to a hospital wide layoff. I'll still have my one day a week position, but the real bulk of my paycheck came from the 12 hours I worked in the evenings.

So, on to new things. Though, I can't seem to find any local colleges hiring adjunct faculty (of course, my search has been limited to the past hour and a half since learning about the layoff, so this assumption may be premature.)

Also annoying - my cell phone broke. It has been calling people at random from my contact list...only to let them talk to me, but not be able to hear me. All of the conversations are one sided and annoyed "Hellloooo...Hello? Why are you calling?"

In a thesis update, the bound copy was due to the office by today - but considering that I have not yet received my manuscript back, it's not yet bound, let alone delivered. I did get a very kind note informing me that the reason for the delay was because the reader was quite happy with my work and wanted to write a response worthy of my accomplishment.

Nothing quite soothes an impatient writer like the stroking of their ego.

And on that note, I'm off to continue my job search.

Anyone want to pay me to teach you how to write?

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Blogger LJ said...

How about editing? For work, I mean?

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