Sunday, June 03, 2007
Not to be Taken for Granted

Good things. None earth shattering or life changing, or even long term consequential. But still good.

- My son is staying dryer longer and using the toilet for what it's intended for (as opposed to using it as a neat-o place it squat and read nursery rhymes) - and that alone for me is reason to stand up and cheer (which I do.)

- My father was retired for exactly 24 hours before landing an ideal job. (Long story, but now with a happy ending.)

- I went to church this morning wearing a skirt that I haven't worn since before I was pregnant, ahem, the first time I was pregnant. It's actually one I haven't worn in, oh, five years-ish. I was so excited that it not only fit, but looked gooood, that I almost took pictures of it, but then I regained sense and thought, it's just a skirt (and I did just email pictures of my bootay in a pair of honeymoon age shorts to some friends from college - so really, I think my vanity quotient for the month has been met.)

- I also saw my sister sing her final concert with a local A Capella group she has been with for the past few years. It was amazing. Her talent is one of those things that, having grown up with it, I tend to take for granted. This is my sister, she can sing pretty. Yeah. But, to hear her last night was like hearing her for the first time. Smooth, strong, effortless, moving. I cried, actually.

My husband and I drove home discussing the wonder of her voice. It's hard to explain to him how far she has come, from being a teenager with a pretty voice, a solo-in-the-choir-pretty voice, performing Amy Grant during church, to what she is now - a woman who can sing. From having a perfectly lovely voice, to being simply stunning.

Of course, I was hardly her biggest fan. My nephew stood on his father's lap, pointing and saying "Mama!" while she sang. And he cried too, but he was not moved by the music so much as he was afraid she was leaving him when the group walked off stage.

- And tonight, I wrote two stories...or at least two starts of something. It doesn't matter. It was writing - for writings sake, not for school or packets or theses - just writing because I like it. And it feels good.

- And also, in case I hadn't mentioned it in a while, I have two of the cutest children alive (though one of them hardly sits still long enough for pictures anymore...)

All good things, worth not taking for granted.

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Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


I just loved your post today!

Your kids are very cute, that's for sure! :)


Blogger zhoen said...

A moving voice is an amazing gift.

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