Friday, May 25, 2007
On My Mind...
Let's play a game called Where in the World is Mella's Thesis?

According to the reader reviewing it, whom I emailed on Tuesday: My thesis was received, read, and is "very well done." It is not, however, in my mailbox yet. It was due back to me on Monday so that I might have, say a day or two to revise it before getting it bound and shipped to the department chair for is final review, less than a week from today. Have I mentioned I haven't even received it back yet?

Another thing on my mind? The specks of mouse droppings that I found in my silverware drawer this afternoon. Seriously. Sure, my son may not be potty trained yet, but at least even he knows that it's not polite to do his business on someones eating utensils.

The mouse had been caught by the time I returned from work tonight - but still. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Also, I'm spending a lot of time thinking ahead. To life after graduation. This is mostly inspired by two things:
A) Family and friends asking, repeatedly, So, what are you going to do with your degree?


B) Sallie Mae sending me bills reminding me that I will soon be returning to my previous state of sending her slices of my paycheck for the next decade or more, thus I need to start making more money.

Unfortunately, writing short stories isn't exactly lucrative.

And so, the big plan is to go back and rewrite, revise, and finish Revising Grace (which may or may not even be the title when I'm through) - finally.

In other writing news, I did finally hear back from the one very predictable "no" market that I submitted to. And, yes, it was a pleasant, though form, "No" - which is fine. It's the other's who have had my work for quite a bit longer, yet haven't responded, those are the ones bothering me.

There are other things on my mind, things much too large for this scattered-brain post.

They'll have to wait.

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Blogger Novice said...

I will never ask you that question. I hate how people think Education is all about having something, and not about the learning process.

Have I told you how proud I am of you, yet?

Blogger Mella said...

You're so awesome, Novice. Have I told you that lately?

Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Ahhh, Mella,

I hope things smooth out for you soon!

I admire you very much for what you have been able to accomplish with your education and writing - AND with 2 babies!

I also admired your post of May 20th!


Blogger LJ said...

Magazine writing, I believe, is actually pretty profitable. I can't see you doing anything but writing. But don't expect, as you scoop mouse poop out of your silverware or stare at your navel, that your relatives will believe that you are writing. Whatever you do, Mella - if you have to work for wages - make sure you have time to write?
Thanks. I'll consider that a personal favor.

Anonymous phx said...

Mella, I hope that your thesis arrives back to you before this comment is posted.

As for "the power of cuteness", that is EXACTLY what she seems to be saying. I post pics of her every now and then and invite people to caption them. That's the best one I've heard so far. :) thanks for making me giggle. :)

Blogger zhoen said...

I was never asked that doing the nursing degree, since it seemed obvious to them, I suppose. What I gained from the classes were life lessons, more than real daily skills I had to learn mostly on the job.

Blogger flutter said...

I I think I love it here

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