Saturday, March 17, 2007
Music for Writing
Soundtrack for writing the final story in my thesis collection:

Death Cab for Cutie: Soul Meets Body, I Will Follow You Into the Dark
The Weepies: World Spins Madly On, Not Your Year
Ivy: Undertow, Worry About You, Blame It On Yourself
Prayer Boat: Saved, Dark Green, In My Arms Again
The Trashcan Sinatra's: It's a Miracle, Even The Odd, Trouble Sleeping
The Stills: Lola Stars and Stripes, Still in Love Song
KT Tunstall: Other Side of the World, Another Place to Fall
Sonya Kitchell: Let Me Go
Metisse: Boom Boom Ba, Nomah's Land
Paul Simon: Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Minibar: Road Movies, I Know Without Asking
Jem: Stay Now, Just a Ride

Somewhere between losing CD's and CD players and moving in and out of apartments and condos and houses, I lost the connection between music and writing. In the past two years there has been little room for music. Even car rides have become filled with either talk radio or something to lull the kids to sleep. Only in the past couple of months have I started listening to music for the love of music again - and using it as a tool in writing. Something that was so basic as a teenager, putting on a headset and sitting down with a notebook, has now become something I've needed to relearn.

Having begun this practice again it's not surprising that I've been writing a lot lately. Maybe too much, maybe it's all a mess that will need to be seriously pruned to take on any meaningful shape. But still, it feels good. And the final, elusive first-draft is finally done.

Now to dust off those shears and get ready to start some serious trimming...


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Sharpening my own shears, over here.

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