Thursday, March 08, 2007
Riveting, I'm Sure
Thoughts at this exact moment:

Must finish submission (due the 12th)

Perhaps eating an entire mashed up yellow turnip (or, root-a-begah) by oneself isn't the wisest decision one could make.

Thank God for having a warm house. (The furnace is working today, for the first time in almost a week - my handy-husband is my hero.)

Beginning to consider homeschooling as an viable option for our family...(anyone care to recommend books or websites to guide my thought process here?)

Considering this, leads to feelings of self-doubt. The same 'ol cloud of it that comes and goes in it's shadow-casting position over my thoughts. Today, the cloud is - You can't possible handle teaching your children yourself - shaped.

Fairly certain at this point, judging by the icky feeling in my stomach, that my suspicions about the turnip were valid.

Perhap I ought to lie down.

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Blogger ~liz said...

you know, it's taken me a year and a half to finally decide that we are going to homeschool our kids. at least start out schooling them ourselves and pray that we continue each year. those doubts will stick with you for a while...but i find the greatest resource of inspiration and support is from other bloggers who homeschool. one book that made me really want to do it was "A Patchwork of Days" because it described dozens of different households homeschooling days and not one was the same. i love that - and the fact that it just looks SO fun.
any way...just wanted to add my support. i still shutter at the thought that i'm one of two adults in the house as well. :)

Blogger Julie said...

Two homeschooling moms I read a lot are Chris at and Mary at Owlhaven (who I know you're already familiar with). Both have listed various books and sites they value, so I'd start there. Good luck, and I hear you on the turnip. I'm the same way with big ol' yams. Yummy yummy uh-oh.

Blogger zhoen said...

I work with a woman who homeschooled both her kids, who are now entering college. Says, just give them whatever they are interested in, and they will run with it.

Given how schools look today, makes good sense to me.

Blogger Carla said...

Hey, I will probably homeschool our kids. My husband and his 3 siblings were homeschooled, and they are all really smart. I'm sure his mom wouldn't ind emailing you on her experiences. She's a great Christian lady. And an amazing resource! A Beka Book is good, so is Sonlight. My sister works for a book distribution company. I'm sure she could mail you their homeschooling catalog.

Anyway, there's a huge network of homeschooling families. Lots of options for "socializing" the kids. You'd be great at it. I don't want my kids to fear math the way I did. We'll see!!! Hope this helps!

Blogger Novice said...

I really admire people who homeschool, because I know that I am waaaay to lazy to do it. My kids would graduate knowing a whole lot about Tetris and Sherlock Holmes. That'd be it.

Blogger Darkmind said...

Okay, a couple things...
First, how did you prepare your rutabaga? If you said "boiled with a little salt" survey says AAAAAAAAAANK!

Second, this part is for all these folks who are thinking of home schooling thier kids. When considering schooling options be they home or public consider the effects. Home schooling might sound good because the news has you thinking that every student carries a sawed off shot gun, but have you ever met a person that was home schooled? Every home schooled child I have ever met, while usually smarter than thier public school peers, seemed like they were a member of a cult. They were clingy to thier mothers and scared of strangers. Every adult I've met that was home schooled was either a fanatical religious fundamentalist or into S&M bondage (or both). Not that there is anything wrong with that, and not that your kids will turn out that way...but ya know... something to consider. And then of course there is that whole "you might get shot" rumor floating around public schools. But come can get shot anywhere! And think of all the child free time you will have while they are away at kindergarden! You could write all kinds of stuff! Yay! Career for mommy! But you know...don't mind me. I'm just a Supervillain...

Anonymous lily_susanna said...

Dear Mella,

Rick and I are going to homeschool too so I'm all for saying GO FOR IT!!:)


Blogger Mella said...

Whew - busy weekend, not much time for touching base here. Thanks for all of the input and for the suggestions - I've already visited several of the sites.

Novice, that's my biggest worry - that I'll be too lazy. But, I think it' something I at least want to try - a challenge. I like a good challenge.

And, yes, I've known many homeschooled children, some a little more socially awkward than others, sure. My sister-in-law homeschools all of her children and they're just wonderful. (Though I did know a pair of homeschooled kids growing up who were a little, um, odd...)

We'll see how it goes with mine. And if it's even something that I'm able to manage, given my desire to write also. I never intended to be a teacher, so the fact that I've found myself seriously considering it for my children is a little surprising.

Blogger Mella said...

Oh, also, Liz, the idea of having the freedom to have the schooling be individualistic, whatever works for your children and your family, is one of the biggest draws to me -
I'll have to check out Patchwork of Days...Thanks!

Blogger Darkmind said...

Darkmind's Parenting tip: Never take parenting tips from people who neither have nor like children.

Blogger Susanna Rose said...


My husband was home schooled most of the way through school and I was for a few years too. He and his siblings do not fit into the stereo type of home schoolers at all and I see so many positives...he learned from an early age to teach himself and be self -motivated, he's a very knowledgeable independent thinker and had a variety of friendships with both home schoolers and public schoolers which I think was a good thing to have the mix. I definitely don't want our kids to be recluses or social misfits or whatever the stereo types may say...I see from my husband's family that it is possible to have a great medium of both quality schooling and a good social life, etc!

P.S. I agree the whole mommy's boy thing "dark mind" suggested could be an issue so I do think when homeschooling boys it is probably good to think a lot about a potentially dangerous dynamic before starting so that that can hopefully be avoided!

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