Monday, March 12, 2007
Must. Finish. Stories.
Deadline for my final pre-thesis submission is today and so I'm frantically working on finishing two of the three stories I'm hoping to send out.

Also, speaking of submissions - the magazine I'm hoping to begin sending submissions to, the one that I realized recently was very competitive? Yeah, I just read in the new Writer's Market (which I received as part of a award from Writer's Digest - happy little surprise on my doorstep) - that they receive a LOT of submissions each month. The average literary magazine (that I saw on a quick flip-through of the book) receives approximately 100-300 submissions per month. Yeah. The one I'm shooting for? 4,000.

But it's ok. I figure, I'll aim for the highest, and when it boomerangs back to me, I'll just go ahead and submit to the smaller, less competitive markets. There's no harm in rejection.

That's my story.

And now, back to the others I need to finish...


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