Sunday, March 18, 2007
Funny Guy
My son is a funny guy. Of course, this isn't news to us, he has been cracking us up since the first time he peed on my mother.

What is new though, is watching his humor evolve from what had been a strictly dance-monkey-dance sort of funny (in which he basically followed our commands for spinning or dancing or putting bowls on his head - making adults laugh), to something deeper. He is developing his own sense for what is funny, what makes him laugh as well as others. It's so incredibly cool, watching a little personality emerge.

This new personality is also assertive. I think we had a fight yesterday. I say, I think, because I'm not sure how much of a fight it could've been considering that I was clutching my stomach and laughing through most of it. It started with blocks, the old fashioned letters and numbers on either side type. The Boss likes to name each letter or number, then stack the blocks. He also pauses between each one so that I can repeat whatever he has said. I thought it was for verification, apparently, it's not. It's that I am now the monkey following his command.

He reached for an orange faced block with the number 1 on it, pointed and said "I" - and so I corrected him gently, "Oh, no, honey, that's one." And I reached for another block, thinking, he'll just say "Oh, Oooone" and move on, satisfied with the knowledge that I've given him, as he always had in the past.

Not anymore. I plop a new block down beside him and notice that his finger is still firmly pointing on the 1. He looked at me, dare I say, sternly, and said again "I"

I attempted to correct him again, even pulled out a block that does have the letter I on it, but he wasn't having it. He was determined that I would repeat him. "I" He said again. And so, it progressed into a shouting match of "I" "ONE" "I" "ONE" "I" "ONE" - with me laughing (and covering my face for fear that the "I", excuse me, the "1" block was going to be hucked in my direction out of frustration...)

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Blogger zhoen said...

Oh, that is funny. Anyone who instinctively wraps frustration in humor is going to be fine.

In a child development class, one prof gave the joke lecture, explaining how each level of development expressed humor, and jokes. We walked out telling all lthe bad puns we could remember.

Blogger Skye said...

Too funny, Mella!!

Blogger LJ said...

Great story. Look out, Mella! And by the way - that was a GREAT opening!

Anonymous Kathy said...

Was the Boss laughing as hard as you were? Or was he stone-faced? My Bean would have been totally stone-faced...

Blogger Mella said...

Oh, he had a sparkle of a smile in his eyes - I think he thought I was messing with him...

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