Thursday, September 14, 2006
Tiny Bubbles
Clarity comes in a jacuzzi tub, surrounded only by silence and the swirl of soft bubbles. I may never be willing to move out of this house for that tub alone.

In other happy news, my son has had dry sheets (and pants) for the past two mornings. We made the transition to a toddler bed a few weeks ago and while he took to it with great delight, he's been waking up each morning - soaked (something that hasn't happened in the crib for months and months and months.)

But, these past two nights he's been armed (er, legged, I suppose) with overnight pull-up potty-training pants and I haven't had to start a load of pee-sheet laundry at 7 in the morning.

Very nice.


Blogger david C said...

It has been said that children take small steps... One foot in front of the other, and eventually they will get there.

Congrats to the boss!

Blogger zhoen said...

It's the details. Always the small stuff, to make life happy, or not. congrats.

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