Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Play Nice
Curled on my lap, he rests his head on my round stomach. His fingers trace the satin lining of an ivory blanket as we watch Winnie the Pooh And the Blustery Day. Quite possibly feeling a bit cramped beneath my son's head, Lila begins thrusting herself outward, seemingly in an effort to stop him from using her as his pillow.

In return, my son sits up, looks at me questioningly, then looks down to my stomach. He places a small hand on me, feeling for her to move again. She does. In return, he asserts himself as the eldest and begins smacking my stomach with the palm of his hand until I'm laughing so hard that he tumbles from my lap and face first into the plush sofa.

Their first fight.



Blogger Writing Blind said...

It's those small moments that are the best, aren't they?

Blogger LJ said...

What a great picture...Isn't it wonderful how honest kids' reactions are? Nice moment. Nice piece, Mella.

Blogger Mella said...

Writing-Blind They're the reason I blog. I think...

LJ Why thank you. Let's see if I'm still so tickled by their fights in another five years.

Blogger zhoen said...

You did a nice bit of aversive training to start, though.

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