Monday, July 27, 2009
Water Balloons
Lila does not fully grasp the concept of water balloon fights. My husband took advantage of this.

And much to my surprise, there were no tears. Only shock and giggles, followed by a failed attempt at revenge.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009
C'mon In!
The water is fine...for swimming without swim trunks, soaking yourself, jeans, underwear and all. It was a perfectly overcast, humid, July afternoon and the kids were only acting as they should, as though the world was put there for their enjoyment alone.

Of course, the adults all liked this as well. It was a reminder that the summer belongs to those who take the time to enjoy it.

Monday, July 06, 2009
More to Come...

Hope you had a nice 4th of July as well.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
They separated us at an early age, second or third grade. Of course, we had been apart for some time, starting from when they first handed out reading materials dividing the class by referring to each group as animals. No one had to explain to us that the Polar Bears were the kings of reading and that the Turtles...weren't. Without being told by any authority, in the hierarchy of kindergarten learning, we knew where we stood.

And so when they came and pulled me and several of my classmates out of class a couple of years later, it seemed natural. Of course, I was gifted and talented. I had been a Polar Bear after all.

The only other thing that I remember from being a part of that elevated group was that they were painting the library, where we met, and another boy and I got sick from the fumes and were therefore separated from our peers again, to sit in a paint-free room.

In my inbox last evening was a message from a parenting website informing me of the ways in which I could potentially recognize my child as being gifted. In case you were wondering, the label now applies to children of preschool age and these are some of the signs to be on the look out for:

If your child has a vivid imagination.

If your child is relentlessly curious and never stops asking questions.

If your child is unusually active, but not hyperactive.

Seems to me, these describe just about every preschooler I know. Of course, there are some that seem more valid, but still quite obvious. If your 2-4 year old met developmental milestones far in advance of her peers, or if their language capabilities are well ahead of their peers. If they can remember arcane information from movies, books or past conversations.

I'm happy to report that both of my children fall under the qualifications of gifted. do my nephews. And several of the wee ones from church.

Of course, I know that the reality is that there are children who learn more easily and those who struggle. I just don't see what the rush is to locate and separate them is all about. Recognizing giftedness in a two-year-old just seems unnecessary to me. Why run toward labels like Polar Bear and Turtle, when for this short and precious time in their lives, they really just need to focus on being what they are: kids.