Monday, July 27, 2009
Water Balloons
Lila does not fully grasp the concept of water balloon fights. My husband took advantage of this.

And much to my surprise, there were no tears. Only shock and giggles, followed by a failed attempt at revenge.

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Blogger phx said...

I be that cooled her off nicely!

You have a beautiful voice, Mella, have you ever done or recorded readings of your work?

Blogger Mella said...

Aw, thanks. I haven't done recordings of my work. I actually get really anxious about reading my own work - but that's something I'll need to get over quickly. I'm doing a reading at the opening of a workshop here in NH at the end of this week. Eeek.

Blogger Skye said...

Yes, you do have a very melodious voice... you will do well at the workshop. Lila is too cute!

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