Thursday, December 10, 2009
Time Flies
My son planted a branch, cut from the bottom of our Christmas tree, into the snow. I'm planting a tree, he explained, in the snow. He paused for a moment to look down with pride at the bristling green pine needles poking up from a small mound of white-white snow. It's going to grow up and be a snowball tree and we'll have snowballs all the time.

This is my Boss man.

He is less than two weeks away from turning five. Five. The number is incomprehensible for me. It's both impossibly old (afterall weren't we all just here a moment ago?) and impossibly young (how can it be that this most integral extension of myself was not yet in existence a mere five years ago?)

Just now, I looked back on posts labeled The Boss. Man, he has always been a source of inspiration. I should probably spend more time here, reading, writing, keeping myself going.

Here are some of my favorites starring The Boss...

Boss Vs Hardwood Floors.

Learning to get dressed.

Turning Two.

And of course: How to Be the Boss

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Anonymous Nano said...

It's so hard to believe The Boss will be 5. He has grown into such a handsome boy and I'm excited for the man he will continue to become. Congrats Mella on raising a beautiful boy!

Blogger Skye said...

Thanks for those trips down memory lane... makes me realize how long I've been reading your blog! My own youngest daughter was 5 then... and now she's nearly 10! Thanks for all these years of enjoyment, and happy almost-birthday to The Boss! :)

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