Saturday, August 22, 2009
I made these cupcakes today to bring with us down to my in-laws. We're heading down for three days to visit with my sister-in-law and her brood from Illinois. My children are especially excited to get to play with their cousins (of which there are The cakes were fun and easy to make, but probably not the wisest decision on my part, considering that baking was required, and summer has finally decided to make an appearance here in NH. It was 90 degrees today and the house is still trying to cool itself from this afternoon's activities.


Worth it though, I think. I made a little tutorial of the process, the final image being:
Changes are happening here, nothing as life-changing as a pregnancy or death, but still, change. Normally, I find change invigorating, but coupled with turning thirty, I feel as though it is all just pressure, mounting.

I should have spent more time today writing and less time baking. Writing always clears my head while baking tends to just fill my fridge and leave the creases of my fingernails dyed the colors of whatever frosting I was using.

However, my children are at an age though that baking or other such fun activities tends to trump all. And since I can't write while they're anything but absorbed in an activity (sleep is best) and I am growing rather bored of Chutes and Ladders & Disney Bingo - baking it is.

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Blogger Skye said...

Oh, those are WAY cool!!! What is the "burger" part made out of? Is it brownies? They are so realistic that they make me feel hungry for burgers, not cupcakes!

Blogger Mella said...

Thanks, Skye! It's just chocolate cake. Just prepare the yellow and chocolate cake as per package directions, only fill baking cups 1/2 full, bake, slice and layer with "ketchup", "mustard" and "pickles" top with some white sprinkles as sesame seeds - and there you have it.

Blogger Skye said...

Oh, chocolate cake! I can see that now. Thanks, Mella! I'll have to give those a try... they are too cute!

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