Friday, January 18, 2008
Office Space
I'm at "my" office today. Terribly busy, I assure you.

Things accomplished thus far:

Applied for no less than five jobs on

Emailed the saga of our unemployment hearings to friends.

Finalized our plans for

Went to the grocery store to buy a salad for lunch.

Returned with salad, seltzer water...and a bag of fat free chocolate mint cookies.

Read the packaging on the bag as I polished off the cookies.

Went to their website and ordered twenty bucks worth of fat free chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. (Yes, they're really that good...and good for you too.)

And now I'm contemplating spending more time in the blogosphere.

I might be overpaid for this.



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Anonymous phx said...

Good to hear you had time for some "me" time at work. :)

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