Monday, December 17, 2007
The Overnight
Things to do while working the graveyard shift...

Nibble the dark chocolate from the outside of about a dozen miniature peppermint patties (discarding the insides)
Re-read the Lorrie Moore book you've brought with you (since you've already read every magazine and Popcorn Factory catalog already at the desk...)

Jog around the back offices. Do jumping-jacks, squats and a few elbows and toes.

Write, what you can (without the use of Word, it's difficult)

Read anything even remotely readable online (Did you know that a man sold his son's $90 video game for $9,000 in an online auction? Or that apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt is overweight? Or that Guiliani is pulling political Ad's out of NH to focus on Florida?) Really. Read anything. At the very least, it keeps your mind from wandering too far.

Work, of course, as needed - but also make grocery lists, do online Christmas shopping, and start games of
Scrabulous with any friends who might be willing to play with you (even better if they live in another part of the world...where it's already daylight and completely normal to be awake.)

Daydream about how nice it will be to not be working while the rest of the world is sleeping. But not too much. Best not to get ahead of yourself.

And really, aside from the whole graveyard shiftiness of the whole scenario, how bad is it to get paid to do (virtually) nothing?

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Blogger bob said...

I would love to play Scrabulous with a Lorrie Moore fan.

Blogger Passafist said...

May I suggest, it's all public domain but there's tons of "classics" to read on there.

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