Friday, December 14, 2007
And in Morning's Light
I paced around the house last night, telling my husband about how good this would be, how good it would be to be around fellow writers, to be working with authors, to temporarily shrug off this forty-hour work week and the daily routines of childcare and housework, to simply write for a week, even if we can't afford it.

And in this mornings light, it feels somehow more possible. Or maybe it's that after finally getting some rest I can see more clearly the things that I want and I realize that this is a blessing of a problem to be facing. I'm in! afterall. For now I'll celebrate that.

Let the money take care of itself.

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Blogger Teri said...

Yes!!! Yes! Do it. Do whatever you can to scrape together the money and go. It will be worth it a thousand times over.

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