Monday, January 07, 2008
In the Meantime

Pretty Dress, originally uploaded by Mellahoney.

Once upon a time, I could actually spend quiet moments mulling over which glittering part of my day to bring here and write about. Not so much lately. It's four-thirty in the morning. I've been at work for over five hour and can hardly see straight, let alone stand for very long at this computer (yes, I have to stand at the desk computer's here...)

I am officially longing for the "good 'ol days" - when diapers and kitchen clutter were the biggest of my worries. When I was seeing more clearly the all of the ordinary magic of motherhood, wifehood, life.

I trust I'll make my way back there, soon enough. Soon enough. But, for now - only this. Because she makes me smile. Thank goodness for lighthearted children to keep us from taking things too seriously. For dropping forks and grinning over spilled cups of juice. For fervently denying the poop in their diapers, no matter how bad they smell. For potty-training and cartoon character underwear and the innocent blurting-out of casual observations ("Momma, my peanut is cold.") For imaginary monster's and made-up games of blanket-head and bare feet pounding out rain dances for crackers across my kitchen floor.

For giving me a thousand happier things to dwell on as the final few hours of the graveyard shift unwinds.

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Anonymous phx said...

You amaze me, Mella, you really do. And yes, thank goodness and everything else for children.

Blogger zhoen said...

It's always the small graces that light our way through the darkness.

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

I have been reading you faithfully. I have been smiling, sighing, and wishing I could send you a billion dollars so you can focus on your writing. Alas, all I can do is smile and sigh. I still adore your style.

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