Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Because Things Aren't Always So Heavy
We're sitting on the potty last week, well, my son is, and I am crouched on the floor in front of him. The things you do for those you love. Squatting in front of a toilet, holding the hems of a child pants so that they don't slip down past his bare heels (he hates that. He's very OCD in that way. All clothing must fit just right, no twisting or sliding allowed,) while he attempts to go potty.

Anyhow, we're sitting/squatting and I'm holding his pants just above his little white feet and I make the simple comment, Oh, what nice piggy toes.

No they're not. He's quick to correct me.

They're not? Why I think they're perfectly nice.

No, he says again and begins swinging his piggies up to my chin. They're mean.

This makes me chuckle and I let go of his pants and my squatting faulters. Now, with his pants all drooping down over his feet, he jumps off of the toilet, finished or not, and proceeds to tug at his pants, pulling himself together, underwear first. He pauses. Looks down as though to inspect.

What's wrong? I ask.

My peanut is being mean, He explains, very serious, very stern, then continues to pull up his pants and walks away, leaving me now laying on the cool tiled floor, laughing.

Sidenote - it's been nearly a month now and the little man is officially rocking the underwear all day long. Life is good.



Anonymous phx said...

Peanut. *giggles*

Well done on the underwear Boss!!

When LB is in the tub, she asks me, "wee zee?" (what is it?) when her fingers happen upon her privates. I tell her that it's her vagina but I wonder what name she'll come up with for it.

Blogger dillyweed said...

You've passed us up on the potty training, I see.
How'd you do it?
We are still working on some consisency with sitting on the potty. Did you just keep him going every couple hours?
What's your secret. I'd love for Dylan to be fully trained by July so we don't have TWO in diapers at once!

Blogger Mella said...

Phx, yeah, we didn't teach him to say "peanut" and really it comes out more like pea-nit, but it's just so cute I never bother to correct him.

Did I tell you that Lila has started to call herself Ya-ya?

Dillyweed, I wish we had some sort of secret method or wisdom to pass on (or to utilize ourselves in the future) but it really just came down to him. Once we realized that his 'accidents' were simply because he was being lazy (not going to the potty when he should, because he was too busy playing) we just set a date (his third birthday) and said "Ok, no more pull-ups, so if you don't want to wet your pants, you'll have to use the potty."

And, miraculously, save for a couple of accidents along the way, it seems to have worked. Sort of like when we pulled the pacifier when he turned 2. Same thing - we just chose a day and said "Ok, no more." And it really was the easy end to the situation.

Blogger dillyweed said...

So how old is he now? 3?
I pulled out his "big boy undies" today and let him wear them over his diaper, which he loved to do, talking about what a big boy he was to wear underwear like mommy and daddy! I promised he'd get to wear them all the time if he started using the potty instead of diapers. He seemed interested. We'll see how it goes.
So did you just put him in undies for good at 3 and he went with it? How did you handle the accidents on the rugs? ;)

Blogger Mella said...

I think if we'd done it before he was ready there might have been more "accidents" - so maybe that's just the best way to gauge it? If your little guy winds up having more than a couple of accidents, maybe give him another couple of weeks - or wait until he asks for it specifically?

We put The Boss in underwear a little prior to his birthday (3), but he hated it. We started letting him know the week leading up to his birthday that pull-up's weren't going to be allowed anymore, so even though he wasn't happy at first, he seemed ok since he'd been aware from the start.

Of course, I lucked out a little here too, because most of this has happened while I've been working 40 hours a week, and my husband has had to clean any accidents.

Anonymous phx said...

Lila calls her self "Ya-ya", Lily calls herself "Yi-yi". Too funny!!

I'm interested in this whole potty training scene as well. Lily isn't a year and a half yet, but my MIL has been bugging us to start her since she was 9 months old. I agree totally with watching for signs that your toddler is interested, ready, and willing. Today she pooped in her diaper and then sat down suddenly, and I thought "ooh great that must have squished" and she stood up again abruptly, pointed to her bum and said "pee!". I count that as progress. On a much smaller scale, the waiting till she was ready worked with getting her to drink from a regular cup instead of a sippy cup, and using a fork. She showed us pretty clearly when she was ready.

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