Monday, November 19, 2007
One of Those
Ever have one of those days when you decide to take a quick break from the office to deposit a check, and then stop at the grocery store to grab a Powerbar for lunch, but then realize while standing at the checkout counter that your debit card isn't where it's supposed to be? And so you empty the contents of your purse (empty tubes of chaps stick, a cellophane wrapped package of smarties, the name badge and hideous scarf you wear for your other job, cracker crumbs, some now-defunct insurance cards and a handful of post-it notes, grocery store and receipts, etc) - then your pockets (two pennies and the newest ATM receipt) only to realize that your debit card is absolutely not on your person?

So, you tell the cashier that you'll be right back - only your card isn't sitting nicely on the leather passenger seat of your car. Nor is it visible in the ATM parking lot or in through the ATM vestibule's windows.

And so then you drive back to your office to call the bank to cancel the card, and then realize that you can go and pick up a temporary card at a local branch. So you leave work again, and trek to the nearest branch of your bank (located almost directly across the street from the grocery store you almost bought a Powerbar from.)

In a matter of minutes (ok, twenty, at least) you're back in your car, salivating for that stupid Powerbar (as it is now officially lunch time and you've eaten nothing since waking up this morning) - and then as you're just about to pull away from the parking lot, the nice man from the bank is flagging your car down like it's an emergency. And it is, sort of. You realize as you approach him that he's handing you something - your drivers license - which you had forgotten on his desk.

Ever have one of those days?


Me too.



Blogger Skye said...

Was that today?

That's EXACTLY the kind of day I had today. And so did my husband. I think there must be something bad in the air today!

Blogger Mella said...

Oh yeah - that was today. I thought I was losing my mind at one point (probably when I was sheepishly accepting my license back from the banker...)

Blogger Novice said...

Oh, my word, Sweetie. That's one of those days where you start to cry in your car and then start laughing and crying at the same time and get a major case of hiccups.

Glad it's over, eh?

Blogger zhoen said...

Every time I have one of those days, my dear D, who has mild ADHD says, with great sympathy, "Welcome to my world."

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