Friday, November 30, 2007
This morning my daughter ate a fistfull of yellow sheet cake for breakfast...which she grabbed herself from the top of our garbage pail. (Not my proudest moment as a mother, as I reached down to take the cake from her clenched little fist and ask her where it came from and she raced indignantly to the trash and pointed and yelled "Look! Look! Look!" - like it was my fault for tempting her with sweet sweet garbage to begin with.)

We went to my high school reunion last weekend. Meh. It was as I had suspected - small and strange, seeing people from the fringes of my past (none of the people I would have considered myself to be "close" with during high school attended...) There wasn't much for conversation, mostly people drank and we all stood around waiting for it to be over. But it was a childless night out with my husband, which is always a treat.

The Elm (Eureka Literary Magazine) has accepted a story of mine for their upcoming issue.

My son is a vocabulary machine lately - which is excellent (especially considering that we were concerned he was practicing to be a mime only a year ago at this time, when he outright refused to speak.)

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Blogger Heather said...

Congrats on your story!

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Funny to hear about your high school reunion story! That is definitely one event I will never feel tempted to go to since my high school years were about the worst of my life!;) And as you say, it sounds like when it comes down to it, most people probably just feel really awkward, etc anyways!!!

So exciting about your story! Good job as always...your amazing!:)

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Good old English major me...I meant you're amazing (not your!;)

Anonymous phx said...

Congrats Mella!

LB doesn't say "look" yet, she says "This" but at the "i" her voice goes up an octave as she points determinedly at this, that and everything that she wants to touch, hold, eat, drink, look at, reach. By the end of the day I cringe just hearing my husband say "this". :)

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