Thursday, September 06, 2007
Excuses, Excuses
Not that there's really any excuse, nor should there be, for not blogging - but I wanted to assure you that my absence has simply been for want of time. You could say we've been busy.

Like, a wedding weekend extravaganza type busy.

The Boss served bravely as Ring Bearer, though there was no pillow and he walked the aisle holding our hands, so I suppose he could more accurately be called "The Cute Bearer" - a role in which he thrived.

The weekend itself was a stream of commotion and car rides and late nights that turned into early mornings, they type of late where you're buzzing from being with friends whom you rarely see, and it becomes hard to force yourself to do the responsible things. To stop playing games. Stop talking. To simply go to bed, as you should.

But without the anchor of children for two whole nights, responsibility seemed distant and enjoying the company of friends prevailed.

And the company of best friends, most of all.

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Blogger zhoen said...

There is always a good excuse not to blog.

You've chosen the better part, by far.

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