Thursday, August 02, 2007
Susanna of Mommy Inc, has tagged me to post eight (random?) things about myself...the perfect challenge for someone always seeking a way to procrastinate.

1. I steal men's clothing. Beginning with my father when I was in high school - I stole his tube socks, and then t-shirts from the seventies (as fashion had begun to repeat itself), then other shirts and eventually even a pair or two of (quite baggy) jeans. Now, my husband frequently complains that I wear his socks (what can I say, I heart tube socks) and t-shirts. I suppose I just love getting lost in over sized cotton clothing.

2. My favorite board game is Balderdash, though I hardly ever play it "correctly" (or using the board for that matter.)

3. Vin and I are going on vacation in the fall as a belated five-year anniversary present to ourselves....assuming that we can afford the plane tickets to get to the port that our cruise ship is leaving from.

4. I eat weird things. Tuna with brown mustard and Red Hot and tabbouleh if I happen to have it. Or the occasional dish of Salmon Balls (which, according to my husband, smell as disgusting as they sound. I think they're tasty though.)

5. My sister and I wrote songs as kids - with stunning titles like Crash-Boom-Bang or Cathy's Got a Boyfriend. We also had a rap medley about saving the earth. (Perhaps we should have propositioned Mr. Gore to use it in his documentary?) We went so far as to choreograph dances with our songs and then perform them on stage at our town's Talent Show. The songs were catchy and sort of fun, but certainly not talent show worthy.

6. My grandmother had wanted me to be named Melania, which as a child I often thought sounded too much like something you would order from the deli case. Now I think it's quite pretty.

7. I have never lost anyone close to me, and the possibility terrifies me.

8. I'll be in two weddings in September, one as a bridesmaid and one as a groomsman.

I'm afraid I'm not much of a tagger though, but if you feel so inclined to do this yourself do let me know.

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Blogger Susanna Rose said...


I'm glad you did this too! It take a while but is fun! I'm glad to see your favorite board game is's mine too but I have never met anyone else who shared my sentiment!;) Lucky on the cruise ship thing...where are you guys going? I share your terror on the loosing someone close to you thing as well. I haven't either and I always feel like this feeling that it is just a matter or time or something...isn't that terrible? Well, A FUN READ!:)

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

Number 7 - my situation and sentiments exactly!

Book signing plans? :)

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