Monday, July 23, 2007
Bolt, Boo-Boo and Me
It's official, Lila is getting ready to leave me.

She's taking steps, not entirely successful beyond that first one yet, but considering that she has only just gone from standing on her own to taking that step in the span of a week, I think it's safe to say that by her first birthday she will be asking for keys to the car and then giving me attitude when I insist on a curfew.

The Boss has been both helpful and difficult as Lila has begun showing an interest in walking. He wants to hold her hands and guide her, as I do, but this often turns into the two of them on the floor and both of them whining. Lila, upset that she has been seemingly mauled by her brother, and The Boss, because he wants the sympathy that I give to Lila.

Boo Boos! He cries umpteen times a day. (And most emphatically after he has popped his sister off the head with a toy or tumbled himself while climbing over her on the carpet...)

But I don't mind his asking for me to kiss for his Boo-Boo's. It's amazing to me how quickly a gently laid pair of Mommy-lips can cure anything that ails him. If only it could always be so simple.

In writing news - I was struck recently with a new idea for a novel. Something that actually kept me excited about the prospect of coming and sitting here to write. I'll be at work tomorrow - and I plan on utilizing the time away from being Healer of All Things Boo-Boo, to hopefully make some headway on the first chapter or two.

I feel the need to tackle this aggressively, as though it were as simple as a short story - just purge it all onto paper and then tidy it up later. The process of finding an agent or publisher seems like such a daunting and lengthy one, that I fear if I don't get something prepared to begin it soon, it might never happen.

And since school loans and mortgages don't care what your potential is as a person - only how timely you can repay your debts, I must begin to think the same way. That potential as a writer is not the same as being a writer.

Oh sure, there is personal success, and I won't take the title of 'writer' away from myself, should I never even achieve monetary success. Because more than money, there is the satisfaction that you have communicated and created and used the giftings given you in this life. And that certainly extends beyond any monetary gain.

That being said though - monetary gain would certainly do this writer no harm, but perhaps even speed the writing process by allowing less time to be spent with finger's plugging the dams and more time with them tapping on keys.

And coffee. If I had more money I could drink better coffee in larger quantities - perhaps on the porch of a farm house, as my kids play in a field and I write the afternoon away on a fancy new laptop.

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Blogger zhoen said...

Alright, I challenge you to write 50K words in the next 30 days. Your own personal nanowrimo. melnorimo.

Blogger Udge said...

If I had more money I could drink better coffee in larger quantities

I can think of no better incentive to write than that.

And I second the "Melnowrimo" suggestion.

Blogger nova said...

Your excitement about your novel is really inspiring.

And I think I should be able to defer my student loans indefinitely due to the fact that I DO plan to write a publishable novel one day, I mean I hope so, I mean I really want to! I wonder what my loan companies will think of that new excuse? I might call them tonight.

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Being a writer...I'd say you do a pretty darn good job of being one and really are an inspiration as you continue to focus on your awesome gift! As for great coffee, it really is depressing how cheap coffee just stops cutting it when you get in deep in the coffee world, isn't it?!;)

P.S. Lila's almost walking? Man, she's ahead of Micah!

Blogger Heather said...

I came to see who I "inspired," because let's be honest, it just feels good to inspire someone (especially since in the drudgery of editing someone else's book I've lost all sight of my characters and have forgotten how to be creative). Then I saw that you list When Harry Met Sally on your fave list, which happens to be my number one movie. And I'm very impressed with your blog. Love the header thingy.
And another side thought: I like the unretouched photo better from redbook below because the smile seems genuine.

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