Wednesday, May 09, 2007
I've set somewhat arbitrary deadlines (upcoming journal submission periods ending, contests postmark dates approaching, etc.)

And so, today's task is to write. Something eloquent, and perhaps purposeful. To gather my pile of letters and divide them into words, then line them up, over and over until something appears. A picture, perhaps. Like one of those magic images that only comes into focus when blurred. I'm staring at this page, and waiting for something brilliant to appear.

Coffee has been drunk. Children dropped off with Memere. All assignments, revisions, lesson plans - everything, sealed, stamped, sent. Nothing left to do go to the place where it all begins: My fingers on a keyboard.

Now...any plot suggestions for me?

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Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

No plot but how about an opening line? "What's in the suitcase?" BTW: I get half the movie rights if you sell the resulting story! :)

Blogger Darkmind said...

At they have a neat random word generator. Have it randomly pick 10 words and make stories that contains all the words. Its a nice exercise, but probably won't get a novel out of it. However, a novel based on a short story...maybe...

Blogger zhoen said...

Steal from the best. Pick a Dickens or Austen, or Chandler, and transform one of their plots.

Blogger Mella said...

Excellent, all, thank you.

I think I've actually started on something with the potential to be more than a short story...

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