Thursday, February 01, 2007
The Boss has been busy all day. Busy Busy Busy - basket's to toss, blocks to stack then demolish, and of course, phonecalls to make. Oh, the phonecalls.

We gave him this
phone over a year ago because, at the time, it looked like the same old-school Nextel model that my husband and I were rocking. It's a neat little toy, talks, plays music, and rings thirty seconds after you close it. This is the feature that kept my son busy this morning. Over, and over again. Phone Rings, he answers, and this conversation ensues:

(Phone Rings, Boss looks excitedly around the room with his hands up, like he's looking for the phone, even though he know's exactly where it is because he just put it down ten seconds ago)

Oh! Telephone!

(Answers phone)




Poo Poo?
(grabs at his diaper)

Oh... (drawn out, as though he's listening to the response to his poo poo question.)

Choo Choo! (Little fist up in the air, charging forward.)



(Pause. Look around the room.)

Poo Poo.


(Snaps phone shut, puts it down on the arm of the couch and takes off for his toy corner...R-I-N-G)

Oh! Telephone!

So goes my day. At least between his business calls and my daughter napping, I've had lots of time to waste looking for mean...doing lots of productive writing on that story that's due in a week. Yes, that. Lots and lots.



Blogger dillyweed said...

Yeah, Dylan has one of those phones too. A must have for all toddlers, eh?
I love your play-by-play of his conversation. Makes me feel even more excited for when Dylan is more talkative and doing stuff like that. What fun! You should record him doing that. It cracks me up. Put it on YouTube and share it if you can. It'd be halarious!
Big hugs.

Blogger zhoen said...

He's right, that's all grown-ups talk about...

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