Saturday, January 20, 2007
Here are my random, scattered thoughts on the first Saturday that I've been home in month of January.

Are we done yet?
Since Christmas, we've been running, running, running. Across states, between parents houses, to and from campus, to and from doctors, away from ice storms and blackouts. Finally, yesterday evening, we arrived home. And I think we're done. For now. I hope anyhow.

Holy Crap-Pit, Batman!
Yes, we're home and it's wonderful. But between our jaunts to and from holiday festivities, to and from Ohio, to and from Cambridge and then parents houses, etc, etc - we haven't exactly been neat in our brief stop-over's here at home. And we haven't exactly had the time to clean. Until today. So now, we're looking at a L O N G Saturday of cleaning...and I do mean, cleaning. The house has never been such a pit. I'm actually considering just taking a blow-torch to it and starting over. It's going to be one of those days where I'm dragging a huge gallon-trashbag around the house throwing away everything that isn't either living or too heavy for me to lift.

(Husband is currently cleaning out our freezer - we lost power for a couple of days - and he's now showing me how things defrosted and refroze, thus need to be chucked...)

Writing = Hard.
Finding time for it is, anyway. Time and mental energy have both been at a premium lately, and I can't seem to spare any for my "craft." I have enjoyed checking out some new sites that were recommended at one of the seminars I attended on campus though. For any fellow wordsmith's out there, check out
Duotrope - for a ridiculously comprehensive list of all the publishing markets, with constant updates on response times from just about every literary (and non-literary) market out there, and other random things. It's a great timewaster, and (best part), it's free.

Scale say's what?
Yes. I try not to write about it here, because it's not the most interesting fodder for people to be reading - and it's so painfully adolescent, and I wish I were above it - but, I am very weight conscious. And now that we're two and a half months post-partum, I'm really hitting the "Gah! When am I ever going to feel normal again?" phase of dealing with my body. Sure, I'm able to fit into pre-pregnancy clothing, but the fit isn't quite right, and I'm still uber self-conscious. I actually think I feel better naked than I do all wrapped up in clothing that can pinch rolls where there isn't really any fat (for example, the almost ever-present back-fat that appears when wearing a bra - yet disappears into a smooth line when the bra is off.)

The fact is, I know that my body isn't bad (inherantly, it's good, it's strong and has given me two kids), but my perception of it isn't always good. And thus, my interactions with food become battlefields of - can I afford those calories? Or, how much time would I need to spend on the treadmill to counteract that bag of popcorn?

So, according to yesterday's weigh-in, we've got seven pounds to go.
(I'll try not to document this whole drama as it unfolds, but highlights may appear.)

And finally, Go Patriots!
Because, I simply can't bear for my football season to be over, I'm counting on a big win over the Colts tomorrow. Sure, sure, sure, everyone's saying this is "Manning's year" - but, you know, just about everyone picked LT and the Charger's over my boys too, and they came out on top.

Really, I need for them to win, because watching them is one of my favorite completely unrelated-to-writing distractions. And lately, I've needed that.

So, if your team didn't make it to the final four - say a prayer for mine. (And also, say a prayer that I'm not holding my daughter if they lose - I tend to throw things in fits of blind rage.)

And that concludes the wrap-up of randomness zipping through my brain at any given moment in time. Now, to deal with "The Pit" - maybe I'll post pictures when it's all clean.

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Blogger Phx said...

Ever since I gave birth to LB, I feel WAY more comfy naked, or in pyjama pants. I can't stand wearing clothing that's restrictive in any way, or as you so aptly put it, pinches rolls where there isn't actually any fat.

Blogger zhoen said...

LIfe changes us, and having two children changes your shape, even if you are just as slender and strong. Worry not, revel. Good to read you again.

Blogger dillyweed said...

I'm amused by your comments on weight and post-partum battles with such...
It took me nearly a year to be comfortable in my own skin again after having my little boy. And already back in your pre-pregnancy clothes? You might want to dance and celebrate that in itself. I know I would have, even at 9 months post-partum!
Keep your chin up. You are lovely. And until you believe the rest of us, enjoy being braless!

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

Your posts are like a cool swimming pool on a hot and humid day. I do so look forward to them and this was no exception. Pats 21 Colts 14.

Blogger Mella said...

Trapped in Colorado - I SO hope you're right. It's funny - you'd think that after watching them win 3 rings, I wouldn't still feel like I'm constantly rooting for the underdog and just waiting for them to get crushed...but I do.

Blogger Novice said...

Baby is in his Brady Onsesie, I'm in my T shirt from XXXV and Husband has a million good luck rituals he's doing. Sam's godfather in PA is wearing the Pats T shirt that he has had since Junior High. We are SO going to win.

Also, as someone who has been around your body for almost ten's fantastic! Pre, During, and Post Baby. In this country of extremes, where 31% of the population is obese and the rest of them seem obsessed with looking like an Olsen Twin it is refreshing to be around someone who has a healthy shape. If you weren't such a nice person I would be insanely jealous.

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