Thursday, January 25, 2007
Shape of Things: Thursday
Day started off easily enough. The Boss stayed sleeping as my husband left for work, Lila woke to eat but quickly fell back asleep, allowing me to visit dreamland again as well.


At 10:30, I finally hear Boss-man, whining in his room. This usually happens a bit earlier, and normally, I'm greeted by a big 'ol smile and a "Hi!" when I open his door.

Not the case this morning.

No, this morning, he was on his bed - with a shoe on (good for him!) and a diaper of poop...beside him on his blankets.

Have I mentioned that there's nothing I love me than cleaning poop from carpets, blankets, dolls, various toys, and, of course, my wriggling toddler, all before I've had my first cup of coffee?

I haven't?

Oh, right, that's because it's not my favorite way to start the day.

It's my own fault though, I should've suspected something was awry when he didn't even fuss until 10:30.

So began my day.

Now, it's naptime and while checking my email, Yahoo is kind enough to update me on 'top stories' And what's this? Tyra Banks has gained weight? People are concerned?


First off - why is this news? Why is a 161 pound 5 foot 10 inch woman a headline? Of course, I realize that there's an entire network devoted to tracking the lives of celebrities, and I'm not blind to the photoshopped tabloids filled with the 'latest celebrity scandels!' (Oh my!) - I guess I just didn't even realize that Tyra Banks rated at that status.

Or, maybe she doesn't. Maybe her biggest career move, aside from the Emmy-worthy America's Next Top Model and her talk show (that tackles the tough issues - such as, "How to apply make-up like a supermodel"), was to pick up a fork and put it in her mouth...with food on it!

Really, shouldn't there be some party or something somewhere that a (former) supermodel actually managed to eat a sammich or two?

Instead, there's this whole controversy (apparently, from what I've skimmed in the yahoo-news story) involving her recent weight gain. She has even been referred to as "plus-sized" by morning talk show anchors on major networks.

You know what? If
she is plus-sized, sign me up. I'd gain 30 or 40 pounds if I could look that good carrying it.


Wow, apparently I'm having a sarcastic, moody sort of day.

You see what happens when you start your day with poop instead of coffee?

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Blogger dillyweed said...

Yeah coffee is MUCH better than poop.
Oh, and I saw your comment over at Owlhaven and just had to come here for the full version of your day. God bless you. (And yes, I know that my days are numbered here - Dylan is bound to do something like that one of these days... tick tock).

Blogger zhoen said...

I had a poop day, too. Aromatic patients all day.

Shaving cream cleans crap really well, though not good for toddler skin, it gets other surfaces clean, and smelling better really well. Why, yes, I did work as an aide in a nursing home...

Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.

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