Monday, January 22, 2007
On the Bright Side...

My Bunny, originally uploaded by Mellahoney.

She's smiling a ton now. So much personality. So much to say and do - yes do, even at less than three months old. This girl is busy - sitting up, cooing,trying to roll over, reaching and grabbing - a big smile for each accomplishment. And, of course, I'm absurdly proud of her, her constant cheerleader for each little acheivement.

If only we could have this sense of awe for ourselves as adults, marveling at the things that we can do - and if we could always be as eager with anticipation for the things we have yet to accomplish.

Because, my goodness, she smiles over the tiniest of things...

Smiles, originally uploaded by Mellahoney.



Blogger zhoen said...

What a bright little bunny.

Blogger Skye said...

She's gorgeous!!

Blogger fuzzypeach said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweetie!

Blogger Krista said...

absurdly proud is a wonderful feeling, isn't it. :) I feel the same way about my Little Bean. And your little bunny looks so happy and adorable. Isn't their curiosity great?

Blogger owlhaven said...

Oh, what a yummy baby!!

Here because dillyweed mentioned you on my blog!

Mary, mom to many

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