Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Some Assistance, Please
My husbands boss was kind enough to give him (us, really) a fancy toy for Christmas, but now we're left with the job of filling a 30-gig-a-somethin' with music. Now, both of us used to be hip and cool and had giant CD collections...but that was then, and this is now, where we listen to the themesong to Blues Clues and sing the ABC's.

So, what I need is some recommendations for things to download - because even with our "giant" CD collections uploaded, we've still got a lot of room on this sucker.

Here's a general idea of what I'm looking for:

Music that inspires you: The stuff you listen to when painting, relaxing, daydreaming, writing, whatever it is that you do to express yourself. (Something that might be good for someone who's, say, working on writing a short story collection for her thesis...)

Music that gets you moving: Pretty self-explanatory. I'm looking for music to help keep me company while I work off the rest of this baby weight (Only three pounds left to go - Wee!)

Music that you could listen to forever: Basically, if you were on an island and could only bring a handful of albums, list 'em for me. I'm interested in finding really good quality stuff to try out.

Some other guidelines for recommendations:

* I don't do country. (Sorry, I just never got into it.)

* In general, I don't really care for music with expletives, though there are always exceptions (just warn me in advance if there are very harsh lyrics.)

* If the singer is named Paris, Britney, Lindsay or Christina, etc...I'm probably not going to be a big fan. In general, my tastes don't lean towards poptarts.

Otherwise, that's it. I'm pretty much open to anything and everything and really am looking for lots of eclectic suggestions - so fire away! (Please!)


Blogger zhoen said...


Paul Simon Rhythm of the Saints.

Remember, iTunes is musical crack.

Blogger dillyweed said...

I love Enya. Classic and beautiful music that is great when you want to be inspired.
Also, if you like the Gray's Anatomy music, check out Snow Patrol. I like the song Chasing Cars. It's good too.
I also love Tara Maclean. She's aweome. Kind of like a mix of Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel, if you like their style.
Hope this is helpful. Let me know what you like.

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

I will agree with Rhythm of the Saints. Also suggest Bob Segar (His Hollywood Nights is still one of my fav rock and roll songs of all time). Dang. There are so many. Music is such a personal thing. Is it a Zune of iPod?

Blogger Mella said...

Woo-hoo, suggestions already!

My taste is pretty eclectic - from The Cure to Rage Against the Machine, from Paul Simon to Enya to Cake to Cowboy Mouth and Weezer, Billy Joel, The Slackers...and then toss in some hits of the 70's and 80's, or the oh-so-romantic Eminem songs that remind me of when I was dating my husband...which of course, goes so nicely along side a little Sarah Mclachlan (whom, I heart) *sigh* You see? I'm a musical-mess.

It has been so long since I've tried out new things that I'm really open. So, if you think of any more - come back again and help me fill my Zen!

And now, I'm off to get my fix...I mean, try out your suggestions.

Blogger owlhaven said...

Fernando Ortega for mellow and contemplstive, Zoe Girl or Newsboys for getting you moving.

Blogger Darkmind said...

Good for daydreaming: 'High Tide or Low Tide'-as performed by Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, the original by Bob Marley is not as good as their cover in my opinion.
Good for getting motivated: 'Walking on Sunshine' by Katrina and the Waves. Its cheesy, its fairly old, but you gotta be dead not to at least tap a toe to it!
Songs you can listen to forever: Well, there's 'Annoying' by J.Picking.

Its hilarious...until it works! I dare you. Just three or four verses and you'll hate me forever!

Blogger Jocopo Belpo said...

Edith Piaf, Susana Baca, The sountrack to the Motorcycle Diaries.

Blogger Mella said...

OwlhavenOh goodness, The Newsboys! That reminds me of high school(I just went and downloaded a few of my old faves - thanks for the suggestion!)

Thanks so much. The song is not only in my head, but my two year old found the disturbing dancing cartoon quite hysterical and wants to see him over and over again.

Jocopo Wow, it's been so long since you've stopped by! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out!

Blogger phx said...

For inspiration: Sinead O'Connor, The Cranberries.

To get you moving: Great Big Sea.

Good luck! I don't yet have the desire to have all my music in the palm of my hand, or everywhere I go, so I think I'm the only person left that I know who does not have an mp3 player. Even my mom has one!

Blogger Mella said...

phx Oh, thanks! Got the Cranberries - Great Big Sea, I'll have to look into. This is totally not something we had really thought of getting for ourselves either, the whole downloading music thing is all new to me.

And it feels strange, not actually owning the CD or something I can put in my hand, other than the little player.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should try copasetic grooves (smaller band). You can download some of them for free at

Also, White Stripes' music is pretty good (some mellow, some moving).

How about Sixpence None the Richer? Or KT Tunstall? The album Back Organ Blaster by Michael Murray is good for relaxing.

Also, the lead singer for Men At Work, Colin Hay, sang several of their songs with just an acoustic guitar - Overkill is pretty good.

On a different note - be sure to backup your music files after you download them - if you lose them (crashed hard drive, etc) the music company won't let you download them again.

Blogger Kari said...

cassandra wilson or diana krall for jazzy, relaxing music. you could also try anything bossa nova (Brazilian music).

Blogger zhoen said...

Actually, go to All Songs Considered. You can listen to all kinds of music, and go from there.

Blogger Mella said...

philazid I'm actually checking out KT Tunstall as I type this - so far, so good. Thanks for the suggestions - I'm going to check out Copasetic Grooves next...

Kari All new to me, but I like jazzy stuff, so I'll be listening, thanks!

Zhoen Weee - I just went there - perfect!

Blogger Katherine said...

For acoustic-conducive-to-writing-mellow stuff: The Weepies, Deb Talan, Marc Cohn.

A little more upbeat: The Corrs, Jason Mraz, Priscilla Ahn, Sandi Thom.

Blogger szerin said...

Haha, i dunno which category this song fits in, but it's nice, Jordan Knight feat Deborah Gibson- Say Goodbye..

Blogger Novice said...

Melly, I think you'd like Dar Williams. My favorite album of hers is "Mortal City". Favorite track is "The Ocean", but "The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of a Co-Ed" is a close second. Also, check out Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams" album. Both are full of emotion without being heavy. Good for realxing, inspiration, or singing with babies (Sam loves the song "Banana Pancakes" from I.B.D.)

I'm also getting into this girl names Katie Melua. She has a very lilting, musical voice, and her songs are very soothing. Bathtime music.

As far as songs that make me want to move:Ram Jam's "Black Betty" is a killer classic. I cannot get enough of the Scissor Sisters "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'". I need to listen to more of their stuff before I get the whole album, though. OOH! Flathead, by the Fratellis...loooove that one.

Oh, man, if I were on a desert island...what albums
would I bring? How many? Can I have ten, twelve, fifty?

The Dar Williams and The Jack Johnson would be on the list, even if I could only bring five.

Blogger Novice said...

OH! Toby Lightman's "Bird On A Wire" is really good, too. I know you like Susan Tedeschi, so you will like Lightman.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like jazz, you'll probably enjoy a lot of John Coltrain (I love Equinox) and Flim and The BB's album Tricycle is very good, too.

As for Black Betty, I prefer Spiderbait's version (although the version by James "Ironhead" Baker on the album "Deep River of Songs - Big Brazos Texas Prison Recordings" is pretty cool with the old southern religious choir style.)

As for romantic (didn't see you mention this category), I love Joshua Radin's Closer. Also, Nick Carter's I Got You is also pretty romantic.

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