Saturday, January 27, 2007
So, I made the transition to "Beta" a couple of month's ago now and haven't done a thing with it. I didn't really see the point to the whole conversion, since nothing changed here. I saw other blogs with these "label" things at the end of the posts and while, I liked the idea of blog-organization, I had no idea really what they did, or could do for me, until I finally clicked on one.

And ta-dah! The labels actually serve a nifty little purpose. It's like pulling on a filing cabinet drawer, selecting posts that are only what you're interested in reading. So, I spent the morning going through (most - but not all) of my posts and slapped some labels on them.

Obvious one's and then random ones -
Myself, Ramblings, Writing Life, Loss, Preggo, Rantings - just to name a few. Sure, I admit, I got a tad a carried away...Uh, there's even one called Fatness. But I justify it all, considering that it provides a valuable organizational service for my blog readers. Right?

(Oh the length's I'll go to, to avoid homework...)


Blogger zhoen said...

Oh, great, now you got me doing it.

Blogger Darkmind said...

Hey Mella! I went label crazy after the swich too, but now, I never use them. Like a child with a new toy...and ADD.

Blogger Mella said...

Hehehe. Glad I'm not alone...

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