Thursday, November 16, 2006
Today is a good day. Things are going my way.

The scale is still steadily heading down-down-down from delivering two weeks ago. Pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting.

The Boss played quietly in his room until quarter of ten this morning - which meant that his sister and I slept in. Two kids under the age of two, and I got to sleep until nearly ten in the morning - how much more miraculous can you get?

Then, while sipping my first cup of real, wonderful, spicy and sweet German Coffee Cake flavored coffee, I checked my email and came across a message in my junkmail bin from Family Circle Magazine - the subject line: Fiction Writing Contest.

I entered the contest months ago, and knew that the deadline for announcing the winners was approaching. Since this email landed in my junkmail bin, I assumed it was a mass mailer that was sent to inform everyone who entered the contest to say "Thanks, try again next year and here is our list of winners."

Still, curiosity led me to open the message and lo - it began with the beautiful one word sentence: Congratulations!

My story, The Simplest of Acts is a first place winner! Not entirely sure what it means yet - they're sending papers for me to sign and I had to submit an additional word document version of my story for them to approve. At the worst, I'm one of the two runner's-up, which means I may be published online and receive $250 - and at the best, I'll be published in the magazine and receive $750.

In any event - I'll take it. It's sweet-sweet validation that I do not suck. Something that all writers, all artists, (all mothers even) need at the end of the day - validation that their work is appreciated. That it's good.

With my children, the validation comes in hugs and outstretched arms and heads on shoulders. With my writing, it often comes in the form of smiles and "Hey, that's pretty good" from friends and family and, well, you all - my online web of strangers who have become a most treasured audience and source of encouragement.

But, I've got to admit - no matter what the prize winds up being - reading the words Congratulations, you're a first place winner - that's pretty much the best way to start your day. (Well, ok, maybe it's a toss-up between that and sleeping until ten...)



Blogger Mentos Girl said...

It's beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger zhoen said...

"We like you so much, we want to give you money."

Yup, that is wonderful.

Blogger Phx said...

Congratulations on both accounts!

Blogger david C said...
Blogger Skye said...

Wonderful, Mella! Well done... you really do deserve it.

Blogger JunieRose said...

Such happy news, Mella!


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