Tuesday, September 26, 2006
All Fall Down
The thing is, I'm a defective Weeble.

I'm round and I wobble, sure. But I do not bounce back up. My son finds this particularly hysterical, as he'll push me over and proceed to climb up over my belly, laughing and swatting at my face.

And of course, I'm laughing the whole time, so he doesn't realize that I'm actually stuck like a turtle turned over on her shell, limbs flailing, but there's no hope of righting herself.

I blame my husband and mother-in-law for this. Not for being round and unable to pull myself to a sitting position (although, technically, I suppose that is partially my husband's doing), no, I blame them for wrestling with my son. They both do it, roll around on the ground as he pummels them. Both play the part, letting The Boss think he's the victor.

Recently though, I think my son has caught on. Now, he runs to attack - only to plop himself, with great dramatic flair, to the ground, much like how my husband acts when pretending to be overpowered. And then he giggles.

It's so much fun to watch.

Watch, I tell you. Not to participate in. Though, I'm sure it's pretty funny to watch me flail on the ground, genuinely overpowered by a toddler.



Blogger Darkmind said...

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Blogger ~Deb said...

This is totally off the topic here---and I apologize for that,


there is someone who has the same blog as you- as far as the unique template and picture...


Not sure if you're affiliated with the writer, but just wanted to share that with you...

Blogger Katie said...

This is so cute Mella.

I used to have a whole set of Weeble Wobbles when I was small.

But I understand that at almost full-term, this has got to be no fun for you. But probably worth is to see your little Boss giggle and smile.

Hope you are doing well Mella.

Take care, J

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