Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Uh Oh - Up Close
We downloaded this from my computer-inept-inlaw's digital camera this past weekend - it's a much better shot of the "Uh Oh" heard 'round our world.

The little guy's been doing ok now that we've settled into (somewhat) of a routine here at home. We had to bust out the big-boy diapers again to combat the return of the bedwetting that happened when he first moved into the toddler bed (probably as a result of his entire world shaking up like a snowglobe these past few weeks), but other than that, the transition has been pretty smooth.

Ok. One or two bumps. Maybe.

Like, returning from a one minute trip to the bathroom to find Lila screaming and beet-red...with Cheerio's stuck on her eyes.

Or, the morning I went to get socks from her drawer in the dresser that she and The Boss are now sharing - only to find that her entire drawer was empty. Quite a curious situation. I asked my son if he had any idea where her clothing was, and he shrugged innocently and proceeded to walk around the house helping me look for it like we were playing a game of hide and seek. I knew that he had done something with the clothing, but for all of my hunting, I could not find it. I was beginning to think I'd birthed a magician.

Until, later that night my husband found all of her clothing - chucked behind the dresser.

He may be trying to tell us something.

For the most part though, really, he's been great. Sweet and helpful. Cheerio's and clothes-chucking aside.


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Ah yes, the old cheerios in the eye trick...my isn't he learning fast!

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