Friday, September 22, 2006
Something other than toddlers and pregnancy...
Got my thesis advisor pairing today. I'll be working with the same author that I'm currently working with. She has thus far turned out to be an excellent and thorough reader of my work, consistently offering very insightful critiques that have helped with some much needed revisions.

As an added bonus, the reader of my thesis, who will also be giving me her critique (though not as in depth as Rachel's) will be the author I'd originally hoped to work with while in the program. It's a win-win situation for me, and hopefully my thesis will be better for it.

Now...I have a submission due on the 9th which is supposed to be comprised of new and completed short stories, which as a third-semester student shouldn't really be a problem - unfortunately, for is.

My work is bits and pieces scattered across my desktop. All that's (nearly) completed has already been submitted, the rest is in my mind waiting for it's moment of birth on the page.

Time to induce labor.



Blogger LJ said...

Go to it, Mella. If you were a dancer, I'd give the traditional good luck wish..."Merde!"
What DOES one say to writers? "May it write itself."??

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