Sunday, June 18, 2006
Halfway There
Well, technically, we were halfway there (20 weeks along) last week, but I haven't been around enough to post these pictures.

Taking pictures throughout pregnancy is something that I didn't do when I was expecting my son, and I regretted it after the fact. So, I'm trying to do more this time around. I won't post them all of the time, but I thought the halfway point should be shared. Now, I can tell myself that we're coming down the other side and that it's almost over (though, as you can see, the worst of it is still yet to come...Gah, I hate pregnancy, but that's a whole other post all together.)

Twenty-Week Tummy Shots

(Obviously, I didn't do any tanning while we were away.)



Blogger solethoughts said...

Hi I found you with the 'Next Blog' button. I just wanted to say that there's nothing more beautiful than a woman with child. Good luck to you.

Blogger zhoen said...

Half way. Like a Half-life, but in the other direction.

Blogger LJ said...

This must be the smaller half of the journey. You don't yet look like you swallowed a basketball.

Blogger Mella said...

Soon enough, LJ, soon enough...

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