Thursday, May 25, 2006
C, Part Duex
(The Boss bursts into tears, I look up to see C backing away from him and staring at her hands.)

C? Why is Bossman crying?

I didn't do anything.

Ok, why is he crying?

I didn't do anything.

C, are you lying to me?


C, I would rather have you tell me what you did than have you lie to me. I'll try not to be upset when you tell me. But if you keep lying to me, I will be mad.

Ok...(She proceeds to tell me about her toy snatching crime, meanwhile The Boss is happily playing elsewhere.)

Thank you, for being honest with me, C. It's always best to tell the truth.

Yeah. (She nods enthusiastically in agreement.) Sometimes, though, I forget things.

Oh, that's ok. Everyone forgets things sometimes, C.



Like, sometimes, I forget that I have poop in my pants.

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Blogger Aleida said...

This made my day.:)

Blogger LJ said...

Mella. Is there any way you can say to yourself: "I am a writer, simply gathering dialogue. This is material. I am NOT a woman scooping kid-poop."
I guess you have.
I loved these. I'm sorry. It doesn't sound like it's the proverbial bed of roses, but it writes up great!

Blogger Mella said...

Aleida Happy to brighten your day with tales of poop from mine!

You know, for all my whining (to my husband mostly), you're right, LJ, being around children all day has been somewhat inspirational. Very unusual dialogue anyway...

PS - Hi David! Thanks for your email, sorry you're having trouble commenting here on the blog itself. I'm so glad things are going well for you and Jennifer! The final couple of months fly by - enjoy them!

Blogger GeminiKnit said...

Very funny! I think if my Little Miss could speak a little clearer, she would say the exact same thing....

We are having a few issues when it comes to making #2 anywhere other than in our pants at the moment.

Oh boy! Those little moments... thanks so much for sharing them.

And yes, you capture the everyday, and turn it into something witty. :)

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