Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Best not hope too hard, but...
It's not a castle, it's not a mansion, it's not even two floors. It's actually a medium-sized wood-framed ranch that was built on the rails of what used to be a singlewide trailer...in a park of mobile homes. But, it's all brand new. And it doesn't hurt that there's a giant bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and seperate stand up shower. And a gas fireplace & French doors in the master bedroom. There's a good-sized deck and a nice lawn with a built in irrigation system, and a shed.

It's nicer than anything we've looked at, single-family, multi-family. It's just our size and just our price. It's a place to start, I guess. The plan is to live in this area for another couple of years and then reassess our situation as my husband continues to move up (and to other sites) in his company. All is temporary.

In the meantime, I'm living in a state of panic as we begin the process of working with lenders and exposing our bank account to prying eyes who can control whether or not we're allowed to live in our own space or not.

I was up at five wondering when our tax returns will come in to help beef up our bottom line.

I hate this process.

But, at least for this morning I'm sipping decaf German Coffee Cake flavored coffee from my favorite cafe, while sitting in a hotel room with my son, miles away from everything (except my own neurosis.)


Blogger szerin said...

U left out... It's -while sitting in a hotel room with my son and -daughter-... :P I dunno what to say, but .. well, have great great days ahead + take care!

Blogger Hamish and Leesha said...

Good luck!!
We have just gone through it all ourselves. It is a very humbling experience, but totally worth it in the end.

Blogger LJ said...

You and Teri from Blueberry Pie should hire excellent sitters and go somewhere lovely until a call comes telling you both that your babies are thriving and you everything is moved into your new houses.
Good luck, honey. It'll be over before you know it - and it will feel wonderful once you've moved in.


Fantastic news... only thing better will be to hear that you're all moved in and settled. Hope you are well, my friend.


Blogger Mella said...

Szerin True! She's the reason I'm sipping decaf thesedays too.

Leesha Humbling - that's the perfect word to describe it. When we bought our first place it was like a rollercoaster of "what if" that happened to work out wonderfully. The only problem is - I hate rollercoasters.

LJ You know, I think that's a great idea. I've always loved the idea of escaping reality just long enough to let the hard stuff pass me by. Trouble is, there's always more hard stuff to come along. I do wish that I could totally sit on the sidelines through this one though.

CJ Good to hear from you! Thanks so much - I hope that things do work out and I can be posting from my own home soon!

Blogger Katie said...

Mella! This is great news. I know for so long now you have yearned for a space of your own again. I hope you get it! You need it for your growing family. Good luck to you :)


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